Rachel Wheatley

Level 4 FHT Therapeutic & Holistic Massage MFHT, ITEC, VTCT

I love how adaptable massage is and how it can influence our wellbeing on so many levels.

Massage can help to balance our hormones, settle the nervous system, support digestion, stimulate circulation, release tension in muscles or support joint health, amongst many more examples.

When we combine massage with aromatherapy we are able to access so many more areas of the brain, which in turn controls all our bodily processes via the endocrine (hormonal) and nervous systems. This profoundly influences our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing while optimising opportunities for the desired result. For example, use of some essential oils have been found in clinical trials to precipitate lower pain scores, lower levels of stress hormones in the blood, or increased immune system activity.

The ancient wisdom of using plants for healing has retained its significance in many cultures, and is rising again in the UK as we reach out for more natural and sustainable ways to take ownership of our health. My ultimate goal is to support and empower clients in maintaining their own wellbeing.

Qualified to provide therapeutic & clinical massage, I use my knowledge of pathology to adapt, devise and apply appropriate techniques for each client's unique symptoms and experience. Helping clients with complex or challenging conditions is hugely rewarding - people with M.E, Parkinson's, arthritis, migraines, depression and anxiety have particularly benefited from working with me.

It's also great providing massage for general relaxation. Positive, nurturing touch is something we rarely get enough of in the UK. A holistic massage and organic facial is a wonderful way to look after yourself and face the world with renewed zest for life.