Rachel Wheatley

Level 4 FHT Therapeutic & Holistic Massage MFHT, ITEC, VTCT

I love how adaptable massage is and how it can influence our wellbeing on so many levels.

Massage can help to balance our hormones, settle the nervous system, support digestion, or encourage range of movement in joints, amongst many more examples.

My degree-level training took a strong focus on pathology (study of disease) and how to adapt, apply and devise appropriate massage techniques for the client's symptoms or experience. I am qualified to practice both clinical and general massage therapy, and find helping clients with complex or challenging conditions extremely rewarding. I've helped people with M.E, Parkinson's, arthritis, and people experiencing difficult menopausal symptoms, depression and anxiety.

It's also great providing massage for general relaxation - people are endlessly interesting! Positive, nurturing touch is something we rarely get enough of in the UK. A holistic massage and organic facial is a wonderful way to look after yourself and face the world with renewed zest for life.